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"Sherry Shearhart's pictures and words evoke happy experiences for preschoolers who are eager for their first camping trip. It also shows us a sweet closeness  between mother and son, that makes the story quite touching. Just be ready to take the kids camping when you are done reading because now that's all they're going to want to do!"

"Great book to read with kids, and explore diversity and inclusivity through friendship and fun activities. It is cleverly drawn to experience the story through both  Margle Fargle's and Addison's eyes.


Plus, I love the bonus interactive content that allows the story and fun to continue past the ending. Definitely recommend reading Marfle Fargle! "


Katarina Radinjic- ARC reader.

"A fun and delightful story that will capture the imagination of young readers. Margle Fargle is a fun and movable monster.

The book's Vibrant illustrations add an extra layer of charm to the story. Packed with giggles and sticky situations, it will keep your children entertained from beginning to end!

Danielle Paquette Harvey

Award Winning Fantasy Author and French Translator for Margle Fargle and The I Am Going Series

"Margle Fargle. Read the name out loud. MArgle Fargle. That is a fun name to say. I was honoured when S.L Anne, author of Margle Fargle, shared her story and creation in person. I read the author's previous children's books, I Am Going Camping with Mom and I Am Going Camping With Dad- the perfect size and artwork to keep your children intrigued.


S.L Anne's next release is Margle Fargle, and I fell in love with this character. Bonus! During our visit as authors and friends, S.L Anne read me a bedtime story! Margle Fargle.


The story took me on a picturesque, whimsical journey about awareness, acceptance, understanding, empathy, encouragement and friendship. Without the picture book! 

Margle Fargle. Margle Fargle. Margle Fargle."

M. K . Wood

Children's author of the Piper's Pond Series.

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