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About the Author

- S.L Anne -Author/illustrator Poet

Sherry is an author that brings joy, excitement and imagination to her readers. Her humorous picture books and exciting middle-grade chapter books are relatable and entertaining. Her books are self-published and she is querying for traditional publication. 

Sherry is an author, poet and artist. She also crochets and enjoys taking photos of nature. She lives in Oakville, Ontario, Canada with her 4 children and two fish, Forty and Knuckles. If you happen to see her don't be afraid to say hi! She adores her young fans!

What do I read ?

I read adult and children's books. I enjoy a great fantasy story, from Harry Potter to a twist on a traditional fairy tale, I like to read about supernatural beings like witches and vampires, but not zombies! I love true biography stories and humorous children's stories. I read books with amazing adventures and especially love reading books by new authors.

As a child, my favourite author was Robert Munsch. In middle grade, I spent hours reading the" Sweet Valley High" series by Francine Pascal, "Anne of Green Gables" and "Road to Avonlea" by Lucy Maud Montgomery and borrowed from my sister's collection of R.L Stine's "Fear Street" series. In high school, I read compelling thrillers by John Grisham, "The Interview With a Vampire Series" by Ann Rice and horror stories by Steven King.


I grew up loving a great story and I have always loved reading for enjoyment!

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