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If you are a natural rhymer you can explore the passion of poetry. In between writing stories, I write poems inspired by children and the things that spark their interests!

Message To The Stars

Little star up in the sky, 

Do you see the planet cry?

When the fires burn a glow,

Through the forest row by row.

Earth is angry and it shakes

And on the land each ripple quakes! 

Things fall down, topple and brake,

People alive deny what's at stake.

Thunderous storms and monsoon waves, when they hit the land, their denial caves!

But there are some that see a way.

They are trying hour by hour and day by day!

To change the world and help it heal,

Each have a heart because they can touch, see and feel.

Little star up in the sky,

Please tell Mother Nature not to say good bye! 


Pop Rocks!

Pop rocks, pop rocks, musical treat.

Pop them in and feel the beat.

Groovy feeling, magical fun.

Share with friends out in the sun!

Pop, pop, pop.

Pop, pop, pop!

Double bubble, bubble gum,

Blowing bigger in front of everyone!

Can this bubble get so big thatI can fly?

Snaps on my face, my oh my!

Snap, snap, snap.

Snap, snap, snap!

Taffy taffy sticky square,

On my teeth from here to there.

Every flavour I can find,

Saltwater taffy is on my mind!

Swish- chomp, swish-chomp ,swish-chomp swish.

Chomp-swish, chomp-swish, chomp-swish, chomp!

Super swirly lollipop.

Rainbow colors round and round non-stop.

My tongue is yellow, pink and blue.

You're my favorite tried and true!

Clap, clap, clap.

Clap, clap, clap! 

Lucky Penny

I found a lucky penny,

I'm told it's very old.

It could be loads of money. 

Like nuggets of gold.

I keep it in my pocket.

With a smile from ear to ear.

But that hole in my pocket,

Lost that coin I fear!

I run back down the trail to find it,

I go back to all the places I stopped to sit.

My daddy helps and makes it clear ,

He will help to find it but I mustn't cry a tear!

I may not find that penny,

It's simply very old.

But no one else that finds it,

will cherish it like gold!

T'was fun to find that penny, it was a stroke of luck.

Now I look down on the stream,

And my penny is sitting on a duck!


Pirate Queen of The Seas

Look out land lover's, we come from the sea!

We're smelly, hungry, as excited as can be.

Brace for excitement, we're scary it's true.

My cannon is loud and blastin' for you!

I've searched the high sea's for rubies and gold.

You ne're seen me- my story's been told!

I've a right hook where my hand used to be.

Lost in a duel, now sharp and shiny!

I come for your coins, jewels and a hat.

My crew be needing swords, we'll spare you if you help with that!

Am I dainty, pretty or sweet?

Think again!

I'm a pirate lady! And I'll knock you off your feet!

Yo ho, yo ho, pirate queen of the sea's

Yo ho , yo ho take your shoes and I flee!

Yo ho, yo ho

and the governess's pearls.

Don't think I'm easy because I'm a girl!


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