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  • Do you do school readings or events?
    Yes. I love to get a chance to read and have opportunities to read by books to my readers. Please contact me for virtual or inperson events. My contact information is on the contacts page.
  • Can I get a signed book?
    At this time book signings are done at inperson booked events. Eventually I will be adding a store once more books are published. You may wish to contact me about a personlized letter or email for the reader.
  • Do you have any merchandise
    Please send me an email for merchandise inquiries?
  • How come some of your books are illustrated by you and others have a different illustrator?
    When I decide to publish a book I will look at the detail of the story and my target age range. If I am not able to create illustrations that reflect how I would like the story to be portrayed, then I will outsource an illustrator whose work matches what I have in mind. If a book is traditionally published, the publisher makes the final decision on the artist.
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