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Books! Books! Books!When are they coming? An update on upcoming work.

Books! Books! Books!When are they coming? An update on upcoming work

2022 started off with covid plaguing my house and putting any book progress into delay for the month of January. So for those of you that know, I turned to working on rebranding my social media. That was a big job.

I have so many books on the go. The focus of working on one at a time is really hard. I am writing when an idea strikes like lightning; however if I don’t stay disciplined I will get lost in all that I am doing.Which you are about to see.

I am Going Camping With Dad:

I have just finished the marker stage for the interior illustrations of I am going camping with dad. The illustrations that have people in them. I have yet to do the page with the night critters at the end of the book. I had them in “I am Going camping with Mom” and I would like to put them at the end of “I am Going camping with Dad” doing different things. The next stage is pencil crayon. Once I have completed the pencil crayon I will draw the night critters pages and then proceed to designing the back cover illustrations. “I Am Going Camping With Dad'' is the book of first priority for this year. I am doing my best to have it ready for May but that may be pushed back. I am following some advice from fellow authors that have said if I rush the book I will make mistakes and I am trying to not have visible mistakes. I want to have a book that I am happy with at the end of the day because it is my name going on the book. As I get close I start to get excited.

After illustrations and creating the back cover,l I am going to make the text of the book more interesting. I want to put illustrations around the written work. Simple representations of what my character may have brought in her suitcase, maybe things found on a hike, maybe the night sky stars. etc.. all thoughts but I haven’t decided yet. I wanted to do this for book one, but I rushed to publish and there wasn’t enough time. This time I want that in the book.

Then I have to update my author bio, dedication page, author picture and all the small details needed.

This time around I am going to purchase my ISBN number- that number that is like the license plate identification of a book. Mainly because I can take the book anywhere for distribution. Last time I took one that Amazon provided. Which limited where I could sell the book. I am wanting to take this to a self publishing house and use their distribution, so my book can be found in more places. Just having my book on Amazon makes it really hard for an independent bookstore to want to take it. Why? So as you can see the book is coming. It’s not forgotten. There are just more steps involved in the book alone.

Book marketing is next, which needs to begin before I publish and with lots of time to get people aware and noticing. This means another trailer, social media posts, etc.. Hang in there I will get through it all.

Winnipeg the Witch:

It has been read by the Beta readers and I have the feedback. I need to write the second draft. I have decided not to illustrate it myself and have found a potential illustrator. Once the second draft is complete I will submit the manuscript for an editing quote. When the book is edited will depend on 1- finances and 2 the editors schedule. Once the book is edited then I will approach the illustrator for pricing quotes and get that ball rolling. Ideally I would like to release Winnipeg the Witch in time for October. However If it is not possible I will have Winnipeg wait for a whole year because in my gut it should be released in a fall season and give me time to do the proper marketing for the book. This will be another self published book and there will be a sequel to it at a future date.

Mystery On Flowerpot Island: It is now in the hands of the illustrator. I am getting an update about once a week on the illustrations. Once the illustrations for the book itself have been completed the next stage is character images to be used for promotional materials. What I can tell you is that she is beyond talented and I am super happy with the images I have seen thus far. This summer I will be starting the process of a book proposal and query letter to attempt to land an agent come the fall.

I Am Going to the Parade … the first draft is written. I want to write a partner book for it. I feel “I Am Going Camping” is a gateway to many more titles and I like how each book focuses on Little Adventurer or his sister. If I have to combine them I will but for now that is not my vision..This will be a book released for the holiday season, most likely for 2023. More books in this series are something I would like to do. Also, you can now find "I Am Going Camping With Mom" on line at

Monster stories: I am keeping the title to myself for now. These will be a brand new series of picture books for ages 3-5. It will be a minimum of 4 books. Potentially more. I would like to release the first book in 2022.

Mystery On Crystal Beach - this is the second book to Mystery On Flowerpot island. The first draft is written and ready for revisions. I am hoping to get it out to beta readers later this year for review.

So what else is on the go

A fantasy book series for children age 9-12

An adventure story of a famous bear for ages 9-12

Winnipeg the witch sequel for ages 6-9

And Youtube- oh that’s right. I am scripting dialogue for 12 episodes of “I Am Going Camping With Mom” for Youtube. Stay tuned as more information about this will come in another blog. That’s an update on my books. Do I have a concrete release date? No! But rest assured I am doing all I can to get more books published. It just takes time.

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