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Getting Dark and Spooky!

Hello, my amazing readers.

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the fall. I have been super busy since the fall has begun.

Some of the things that have happened this fall have been surprising and unexpected and others are right on track.

Let’s begin with the I Am Going Series. I am going to the parade it's in the hands of my editor. I have had both the I am going camping books translated into French and German. Spanish will be next. The French version is ready to put on Amazon and I will be getting that sorted soon.

Why not now you ask? Well, I am in quarantine with covid and there are certain things I need access to that aren’t in the place I am Quarantined. So soon. Once the French Versions are published, the German versions will be assembled. I have had the help of Danielle maquette Harvey to translate the French version and Rebecca Lange to translate the German version. Author Julia Slack shall be doing my Spanish versions. All of these women are fantastic authors and can be found on Instagram via@danillephauthor, @author.rebeccalange and @juliaslackauthor.

My next children’s picture book is called Margle Fargle. I have been working on the illustrations since September. This summer I purchased an iPad, using procreate to illustrate Margle Fargle. The illustrations are coming along fantastically. Margle Fargle is the first in a 4+ picture book series and I am so excited to bring this book to fruition. Before I begin colouration, I will be starting sketches for promo ads and working on the book trailer. I need to get people as excited about this story as I am. Thus I have provided a few sneak peek sketches of the two main characters in Margle Fargle, Margle Fargle and Addison, for my website followers. Margle Fargle will most likely be released in February 2023. I’ll keep you posted for a more concrete date.

I have just signed up for Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is an event where it allows writers to go into a writing competition with only themselves. In the month of November, the goal is to commit to writing 50,000 words. Yes please read that again, 50,000 words. It is not easy to do. But I have set this as a block of time to write a children’s chapter book that I have been wanting to get back to and in my gut needs to be written I was approached by fellow Canadian author Lanie Mores to join and be her writer buddy. I am grateful because I don’t think I would have signed up to do it otherwise. This is a big endeavour and to have someone in your corner to keep you going is what I need. Someone to say, don’t quit and just write. So November I will not be working on anything other than writing during Nanowrimo. To follow my progress check my Instagram for daily word counts.

The last bit of news is not for kids but for adults. I have started an adult author account. Eventually, I may have a web page for it. If you wish to follow me on Instagram for my adult writing it is @s.l.shearhart. I have been writing creepy short stories, which will eventually be published in an anthology. I have also submitted one of the short stories, Tea In The Woods, to a writing competition with Indie-it-press and a spooky poem, There’s A Ghost In My Toaster, to a poetry contest with Loud Coffee Press. I am also working on a few art submissions for the Indie It Press artists competition.

So as you can see I am still busy as can be. As always, please spread the word, I’d always love new followers and if you have copies of my I Am Going books and have not left a review on amazon, please do so. I appreciate it very much.

Until next time, be well, enjoy the changing colours and have a Happy Halloween

Sincerely Sherry

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