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Happy 2022 Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have to be honest, I have mixed emotions about 2022 because of the current state of this virus and it doesn’t feel like its ending. However, this virus isn’t the be all and the end all of what my 2022 is going to be. I have great ideas and plans that are in motion for me.

Let’s start with a book update.

“I Am Going Camping with Mom”. It's still selling, which is great news. I am continuing to promote it every week on social media. I want to get it into other book sellers’ hands and am working on it. The ebook copy on amazon apparently has issues. On my end, when I preview the book it is 100%. So I am not sure if this is an amazon thing. I may end up pulling the ebook version and switch over to a hardcover copy, as the print books are definitely selling. I have small tumblers for “I am going camping with Mom” coming in the near future so keep your eyes posted for that.

“I Am Going Camping With Dad” update. I am about half way through sketching the illustrations and then I will add colour to them. I am being more particular about the illustrations, and I plan to make sure they are brighter when they end up being printed in the book. The illustrations in “I am doing camping with Mom” printed much duller than the original artwork, and I would like to fix this for the next book. I will start going to start promoting this book with the cover in the next few weeks.

The middle grade chapter book series. It looks like edits are getting closer to being done. I am waiting for the manuscript to be returned to me to make the final round of changes.( Not a lot, just additions in a few of the chapters) I then need to start a book proposal and start submitting the chapters to my illustrator who has been patiently on stand-by. She had given me a complete cover and it is perfect!

“Winnipeg the Witch: I just started writing this again yesterday. I stopped while I was launching “I am Going Camping with Mom.” I have the itch to get back at that story and finish the first draft.

I started writing another story for the “I Am Going” series, but I realistically think I’ll fill you in on that later with all the projects I have right now. I think that’s enough book insight.

IGTV shows.

I have a great line up for this year for Tuesday Tales with Sherry. I have a mix of popular books and new ones. A mix of traditionally published and Independently published. I have more episodes arranged with author interviews. The authors are fantastic and interesting. Some of the books scheduled are: “The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell” by Chris Colfer, “I Have To Go” by Robert Munsch, “Ash'' by Joel Thomas Feldman, “Polli Patience Bath Time” by Edith Chambline, “Ghoulia and The Ghost with No Name” by Barbara Cantini, “Sibling Love” by Sharifa Anozie and a whole bunch more. So tune in!

“Tales From The Coffee Table” Melissa Roberts and I have a slew of great authors lined up to join us. We have topics such as “ New Years”, “My time in Facebook and insta jail”, "Funny things we’ve read in a book”, “Ghosts and Haunted Tails", “Bad Dates and Romance Authors”, “Parenting As An Author”, "Embarrassing Memories” and a whole lot more. It’s going to be a great 2022 for shows.

I have also been asked to come on a live with Author Zoie Seay and other authors so stay posted for more on that.

Most of my social media is done on Instagram as that is where my author community is. I ask you to help me by talking about my books, write reviews on Amazon and Good Reads, and if you have any questions for me don’t hesitate to send me an email. I wish you all a wonderful 2022 as good things are coming.

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