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Kindergarten Kids Rock! My First Virtual School Visit.

Today was my first virtual kids visit. Although, I have a plan for school visits, this one was thrown together quickly to fit in the school’s schedule before the holidays. It was of course for my son’s kindergarten class. Since it was my first time, arranged to be only a story reading and Q and A, I did it for free. I really was just happy to have the opportunity to read my book to kids and get my face out there.

Even though it was virtual, I put the same effort into making myself as professional and child friendly as I could. What was hard? I wasn’t able to see a single child! I was presented over the google classroom on a projector. I felt very much like an actor in front of a blue screen where they insert the children with a computer after the fact. It was different. However, it wasn't so bad because right now I am pretty much doing that on Tuesday Tales when I read stories and sometimes no one joins in and other times people join, and I can’t visually see them anyway.

The reading actually went fairly smooth. But the best part happened during the Q and A! I could hear them ask the questions and it did help that their teacher repeated the question so I heard it clearly. It was nice to hear directly from the children how much they liked my book. Kids are so blunt and eager to be impressed. Some told me it was the best story ever in their own words. Super cute!

I received a card of thanks from the children, which I really appreciated. I had no pictures to remember the event by, The card was a keepsake to represent my first ever school story reading. If your child would like to have me read to their class please contact the teacher and let them know they can reach me via email to get information as I would absolutely love to have more of these opportunities.

What I have taken away from this is event? In a pandemic, events can still happen, and I had best create a proposal to submit to the schools in the new year to see if I can gather up more of these opportunities.

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