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Tales From The Coffee Table... What a blast!

The first episode of “Tales from the Coffee Table” went so much better than I could have thought! I was truly worried that we would be stuck with dead air and not know what to talk about. Melissa was just so fun to talk to and there was even a point I forgot that we were live. So many more people watched than I ever expected on the first day. The fact that we both advertised the show at least three different days each really helped. I really was glad we did, because it paid off. It really taught me that I need to up my game on reminders for my virtual story and just everything with my book on social media.

This show was simply refreshing. The last 2 years I have really felt starved from friend time. A lot of this is my own fault. I decided to publish a book. I gave myself a goal to achieve that and once I got into it, the process is a lot more time consuming than you think it will be. I then jumped the gun on when I wanted to have the book released. Because of this commitment I was in the book world and all the things associated with getting my book published. Never mind what I need to do now that it's published.

The next reason is I am an empath. As much as I am social, I also crave alone time. AlthoughI was lacking adult social time, I had been on round the clock time with my kids. By the end of the day, I just didn't want to talk to people. I just wanted to be left alone and sit in the silence. Without it I wouldn't have the strength to get through the next day of taking care of everyone but me. The pandemic and the mental cluster of anxiety that it brought with it. You just didn't know if it was safe. When not too much is actually going on in your world other than daily homeschool and chaos, you simply run out of what to say.

Today it was so completely refreshing to just have coffee and chat with a friend. I remembered how to laugh, just be me and not be worried about feeling pride for my accomplishment or worry about my anxiety of being on-air. I get anxiety when I go live and it's by myself. That’s why when I do virtual storytelling, I usually read and go. With this show there is someone else to feed the conversation. Having friends is so healthy for us. Especially as women because we need to vent to self regulate. Perhaps as we get better at the show, we’ll get better at the meticulous things and be able to catch those comments and questions. I know from watching other live shows, it's really nice when the host notices you. But for the first show I think we did really well, and both Melissa and I had so much fun. Melissa and I are both so very different which came up during our conversation; but I think that is why we work. I am excited to see where this show takes us and how long we can have a go of it!

If you are taking the time to read this blog spread the word and come watch. Just click on the instagram icon on this website to be directed to my page. Once there you can follow me and click on my circle icon at the top of the page. My icon will stand out and say live. You'll also get a notification. If you miss the episode you can watch it back later that day.

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